Gift of Confidence Tool Box for Children

Gift of Confidence Tool Box


Extract from my book “ I can blow a balloon”

“Let me show you what is in the box!” The Confidence Queen smiled, before she took out a Small mirror. She handed the mirror to Denzil and added,” This is for you, to look at every day, and say, I can do it!”


Next, she gave him a T-Shirt, with a special message that said, “I am confident!”


The Confidence Queen took out a poem and said to Denzil, “I want you to say this after me!

“Confident Child, that’s who I am,

Every day, I feel confident!

When I blow a balloon, I feel confident

Blow! Blow! And feel confident!”

Both Denzil and the Confidence Queen kept on repeating the poem. They even made into a song and danced to it!



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