Confident Queen – my experience of being bullied


Being bullied in secondary school

I can remember when as a teenager in school, I had  two girls who used to bully me and call me horrible names and made fun of the way I spoke, how I looked and where I came.

I  had started the school when  I was 15 years old and had just come from Sierra Leone in West Africa  to England to continue my education. Their were times I use to secretly cry and never told my parents and tried to deal with it in my own way.

After a while I just avoided the girls and got on with my work and made new friends  who helped and encouraged me.. Years after leaving school I remember seeing one of the girls working towards me, it brought back all the memories, as she walked passed me, she said hello and smiled. I was so surprised that I continued walking without responding.


Beauty and the the Beast

I had the same experience when I went to college. My best friend was quite a beautiful girl, and I remember that one of the boys really liked her and because she was not interested each time he saw us together he use to say “here comes beauty and the beast” I used to cry and he just would not stop.  One day I remember my friend confronted him in my presence and in the presence of others and since that time he stopped.  Interestingly by the time we finished college we all became friends.


Workplace bullying

When I went to work, one of my managers was just a bully who just used to degrade me and say all things that were not necessary and seem to pick fault in all I did, and in the end I left the job as I could not cope and did not feel confident enough to  tell anyone


I created Confident Queen personna

I could go on and share more experiences, but my aim is to help especially children from an early age to develop skills, and tools they can use to stand up and not be bullied. I created my character  Confident Queen as the new super hero with a mission to help people unwrap the gift of confidence which is within them, as well as equipping them with tools and tips to help them to be resilient and cope with challenges which life may bring. I was even confident enough to go on Britain’s Got Talent  and out of 30,000 people who applied I made it to the last 160 and was shown on TV.

I started confident children project

In April 2008, i started the Confident Children’s project and it has been a pleasure over the years to help my children and other children to unwrap their gift of confidence. I also now go to schools and offer assembly and workshops sessions around Confidence and Self esteem. I have also written two children books based on the theme ” I can”


Song created by my son and his friend

The Diana Award –

I am grateful and thankful for organisations like the Diana Award who each year hosts a series of exciting events to bring the country together to tackle bullying.



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