Being on the Independent on Sunday Happy List


I am so honoured and thankful to all those who nominated me for the eighth  annual Happy List, a collection of 100 inspirational heroes and heroines whose kindness, ingenuity and bravery make Britain a better place to live. Everyday, I just try to do my little bit to give people hope and a reason to smile each day as I know too well how it feels at times to sometimes wanting to give up when we are face with life’s challenges. I am also truly inspired just reading about everyone on the list.

The Happy List was founded in 2008 as an antidote to the lists that celebrate wealth as an end in itself, the Happy List is based on a different set of values. It honours individuals who give rather than take; the great Britons doing the very best work who go largely unnoticed and unrewarded. The Happy List is backed by the Prime Minister.

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