Keep calm and wake up early


Getting up early starts with making changes at night. Example, watching less TV, spending less time on social media etc and get to bed on time – or even ten minutes earlier, so that you can get up with ten minutes to spare in the morning. When you do this, you’ll be shocked at the difference it will make in your life as you spend the first 10 minutes of the morning focussing on things you want to achieve in life and working on developing daily habits which you can then help you to develop daily success habits.


Get clarity

When I have a challenge in my life, I find that I can get a better perspective of it, first thing in the morning when I have better mental clarity and fewer distractions. I have always been an early riser and my day usually start at 5am each morning. I guess it is because I really enjoy life and each day I feel each day is a gift.


Some ideas of how you could start your day!

  1. As soon as you wake up – Breathe in and out and be grateful and thankful you are still alive and you have a reason to smile
  2. Spend  a minute just listening and enjoying  the stillness of the morning and the sounds of nature,
  3. Pray for energy, strength and courage to face this day and pray for others
  4. Spend time day dreaming about the good experiences live has given you and will continue to give you.
  5. Write down all the things you would like to achieve in life
  6. For each one of the things you want to achieve, write down the obstacles that each one has.
  7. Spend time focussing on how you can try and overcome each obstacle as well as how you can get support to move forward
  8. Now you should have solutions to some of the obstacles
  9. Focus on just one of your goals and then create a plan, which includes things you can do daily to achieve your goals.
  10. Each day, try to do avoid distractions and do things which will help you to succeed. Join in and sing and dance to “ Wake up I feel happy boom boom, and now I am dancing like no one’s watching boom boom” than just spend a minute smiling (One minute smilence)


Over to you

Now it’s your time to use this as a guide and plan that starting tomorrow you will start your day earlier so that you can fuel it with lots of energy, good vibes as you journey through life.

May the SMILE be with you!


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