8th June WooHooBoomBoom Day (International)

I am so excited, I have created my own international day for every year, as part of my mission to encourage us all to have at least one reason to smile each day!! Come on friends, be part of it and let’s ‪#‎WooHooBoomBoom together. It will also be my birthday! ‪#‎woohoo!

What you can do:-

Take a SMILEFIE – you smiling holding your WooHoo Boom Boom sign #woohooboomboom

Youtube – Make your own WooHoo Boom Boom song and dance

Tshirt – Get an old Tshirt and with fabric pen, write WooHoo Boom Boom

Make someone feel good – Share a smile, Share A Kind Word, so something good for someone.

Take a few minutes to be grateful that you are alive – appreciate the good in your life and hope for the best




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