Day 5 of the 20 days #happygravesham challenge


“Happiness is not about permanent positivity or pretending things are fine. It’s about learning to cope well with whatever life throws at us.”

Welcome to our 5th day in our mission to spread happiness by giving people reasons to smile inspite of their challenges in #happygravesham #happykent. We hope you can be part of it. This is all part of the activities to celebrate the United Nations International day of happiness on 20th March 2015.


Review from yesterday (One minute smilence)

I hope yesterday you were able to take one minute out of your busy day to be grateful and thankful that you are alive and SMILE as you appreciated all the good things in your life for at least a minute.


Today’s Challenge Nominate your company for our Happy Company Award


Do you work for a company that motivates, inspire and encourage their employees to be the best they can? Do you also have time to do fun things? Do you enjoy your working environment? If so its time to nominate your company just by sending us an email to with the Name of your company, Address, Email and your contact details with not more than 150 words to explain what makes your company a happy place to work.


Join us in our social media


Follow us Twitter @happykent then use #happygravesham to say hello and smile with your #happygravesham selfie


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