“…..and still I smile”

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There are times in our lives, when we face a challenging situation and spend days asking the questions  such as why me? Why is my life not going the way I want it to go?   Why does it seem that everyone is moving on and I am still seem to be stagnant?

I have had some moments when I feel hopeless, when I felt I was in a dark hole with no way out. It can seem at times that everyone is having a party and you are not invited. “and still I smile” is my story of  learning to cope and smile in the midst of obstacles, challenges and set back.

In my presentation, I explain th reasons why I can wake up and smile not because my life is perfect, but because I have learnt that so long as I am alive, I have hope and many reasons to smile. I also have a strong faith and belief that no matter what, things will always turn out good.


My aim is to share my experiences to give Hope and inspire as many people as I can.

Book Now-

and Still I smile – 15 minutes  speaking presentation

and still I smile – 1 day activity workshop showing you how you too can develop strategies to cope with life challenges

Email: genny @ confidentqueen . co. uk


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