Confidence Queen by Jade Freeman


When I met Genny Jones (Even without her Confidence Queen disguise), the first thing I noticed, was her genuine and contagious smile. I have known her for just over a year, and her joy is purely effervescent! Despite being one of Gravesend’s treasured celebrities, she is a very humble person, whose childlike personality, reaches out and touches even the most poorly in health.

Her main purpose for going on Britain’s Got Talent, was to encourage people to be the best that they can be. She wanted to show them how to be confident and happy, despite negative criticism. She also wanted to showcase her sense of happiness and confidence, while being seen as a role model, who truly inspires others.
Since her memorable appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, Genny has been interviewed by various radio stations, including Premier Christian Radio. After BGT, she was asked to be the Patron of the Stacey Mowle Appeal, in which she is called to raise funds for Stacey, aged 8, who is in need of Cancer Treatment.

Genny was nominated for the Pride of Britain Award, for the ITV Meridian Region, as well as, being given an opportunity to work in partnership with The Beat Project, on the World of Confidence Series of workshops in Kent. She is involved in raising funds for various charities, such as The British Heart Foundation and Children In Need.

From the age of 9, Genny became confident, as she found that when you encourage someone to think positively, to feel loved and to know that they have a purpose, their confidence will increase and the person will have a new lease on life. Her Mum’s friend, Ma, taught her these most important life changing skills, as she was looking after Genny, when her Mum went to work abroad.

Genny wants to share her confidence with the world. Her goal, is to teach others the mind-set, that when you are confident, in who you are as a person and the talents that you possess, you can be the best person that you were created to be.

Likewise, this happiness activist wants The Confidence Queen, to be a globally known and household name, whose mission is to share her Gift of Confidence and Happiness, with everyone she encounters. She desires to have a bigger network of people, working with her, so that Confidence Courses can be run all over the world, her own chat show, branded products, a huge range of confidence books in audio and written form, as well as, create a cartoon version of one of her confidence books.

Her parting words, to the readers of this news piece, are:
“Every day, look in the mirror and say: “I am unique and special. There is no one in the world like me! Focus on your dreams and surround yourself with people, who will help and empower me, with the confidence to make my dreams a reality!”

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