Sadness Party


Though we all try to live a happy life, there are times when we go through some challenges in life and when we need to have a sadness party.

I sometimes have a sadness party as it helps me to express my emotions and really let off steam, which in the end makes me feel much better and ready to go on in life, knowing and understanding that the current challenge I am going through is temporary, and that things will get better, and better each day. I love the saying “ time heals”.

What to bring to a sadness party!
All the things you are unhappy about, people that make you want to scream, situations that seem to get from bad to worse, and every thought, feeling that just make you want to cry! Bring some tissues as you may need it during the crying session,

What to wear to a sadness party!
You can wear something dull and grey, something that really makes you feel unhappy.

What to do at a sadness party
The first thing to do is to sit down with that sad look on your face, and very soon someone will come to you and ask you what’s wrong. This will then be the opportunity to just let it out, just say it as you feel, cry if you must.

Different zones to visit
If crying talking to someone and crying does mot help, you can also visit the:-

Boxing Zone – get those Gloves on and just box your problems away

Moaning Zone – just sit down and start moaning about everything that is bothering you

Sad Music Zone – Get the Sadness DJ to play you songs that really make you feel unhappy.


If you are still feeling sad!
By the end of the night, you should have hopefully expressed your feelings, and if you are still feeling sad, your next stop is to check me at “ Escape to Happiness Island to relieve stress and sadness

Don’t suffer in silence
Please if you are feeling really sad and need some more help, please don’t suffer alone, talk to someone. You can even email me I may not be able to solve all your problems, but I am willing to listen and offer you some advise, support or even signpost you to individuals and organisations who can help.


Happiness is not about permanent positivity or pretending things are fine. It’s about learning to cope well with whatever life throws at us


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