Wake up and do the Boom, Boom!


Every morning, to start me day, I do my one minute smilence and then do the Boom, Boom Dance – Please join me now.


One minute Smilence

Find a quiet place, thing about things that make you smile, write them down or draw images of them, then spend a minute smiling because you are alive, and because their are always reasons for you to smile


How to do the Boom, Boom

Now you can sing and dance to this song – here is the tune and the words for you to learn.


Wake up, I feel happy “Boom, Boom”

Wake up, I  feel happy “Boom, Boom”

Now I’m dancing like no one’s watching “ Boom, Boom”

Now I’m  dancing like no one’s watching “ Boom, Boom

Happiness is not about permanent positivity or pretending things are fine. It’s about learning to cope well with whatever life throws at us.

Now here the tune on you tube http://youtu.be/DQPhLEWmTvo

Here is my version


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