One Minute Smilence as part of your Big Lunch




How to do your “One Minute  Smilence© “  as part of your Big Lunch”

 Things you will need

  1. Small paper plate
  2. Colouring  pencils/marker pens

How to carry out the one minute smilence facliatated in a group

  1. Give everyone a blank paper plate
  2. Get  each person to think about what makes them smile, and then write it down on the plate as well as drawing or painting smiley faces on the plate.  They can also add words that make them feel happy such  as WooHoo!
  3. When  everyone has  finished, set your timer for a minute
  4. Get everyone to go around and share their SMILENCE plate with as many people as they can in a minute.
  5. After the minute has gone get everyone to  shout excitedly “ WooHoo” and SMILE

#one minute smilence  Created by Genny Jones AKA Confiden t  Queen – 

Twitter confident_queen


One Minute Smilence


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