Nominated for Sage One Accounts Competition

Thanks to Tanya Stephens for nominating me for the Sage One Accounts Competition.

Message from Sage “To celebrate the launch of Sage One Accounts Extra we are offering you the chance to say
thank you’ to the person or people who helped you most with your business.”

Why I nominated Genny – By Tanya Stephens on 3/12/213D
Genny J, aka Confident Queen, has been a real inspiration to me. Genny has demonstrated that you can overcome adversity to get your own business off the ground and she has been a great source of support.

Genny put me in touch with a business coach who initially helped me to explore my dreams and ideas and then, thanks to advice from Genny, I was able to secure funding for my start up costs. Genny loves to help other people promote their businesses and goes out of her way to spread the word within the community and her can-do attitude has encouraged me to look past obstacles that I might otherwise have stumbled over. Her ability to increase confidence in other people has made a real difference to me and it is largely because of her that my dream has now become a reality. Thank you Genny!


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