How to be happier at work

I know a lot of people who at this moment are in a job where they are very unhappy, miserable or stressed. For some, because of debts and other major financial commitments they choose to stay in their jobs instead of looking for other work or starting up a business, which too can have their own challenges etc. So the purpose of this short post is just to give you some practical tips on how you can make your job happier! Please feel free to comment on this post.

“Happiness is a critical factor for work, and work is a critical factor for happiness. In one of those life-isn’t-fair results, it turns out that the happy outperform the less happy. Happy people work more hours each week – and they work more in their free time, too.”  Gretchen Rubin


1. List all the aspects of your work that you don’t like and try to find ways you can approach these areas differently.

2. Take a  few minutes being grateful and thankful that you have a job.

3. Right down all the positive things about having a job

4. Spend some time visualising that you are experiencing happiness at work :- include your work space, the type of boss you have, your colleagues, the type of work you are doing, how much you are getting paid, and the things having a job allows you to accomplish.


5. Write down some positive affirmations about your job and the things it allows you to do and have. Repeat these affirmations on a regular basis .

6. TAKE  5 minutes happiness session during your lunch break to do something positive, like going for a walk, listen to some positive songs, or do your one minute smilence recalling positive moments in your life whilst smiling for a minute.

7. Get one of my Gift of Happiness Smiley cup  which you can take with you to work, and if you feel stressed or overwhelmed at any time, use the contents in  it to make you feel better.

8. Bring fun to work – celebrate each other’s birthdays, have good news notice board, organise a dress down day, organise fun charity events….. etc

Happiness at work coaching session with me
If you need more help, why not book 3 happiness at work coaching sessions with me for a price of £157 or let me come to your office and run a lunch time happiness session!

Get  a part time job and get paid to make people happier : Train to be a : Clown, Comediene, Laughter Yoga Teacher or Happiness Party Host/Hostess!



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