Why I nominted Genny AKA Confident Queen for Pride of Britain- Ayhan Koya


After her divorce, Genny went through a period of depression and unhappiness as at around that time too she became redundant, was in a lot of debts and her house was going to be repossed and she faced the journey into the unknown of becoming a single parent with toddlers to look after.

With the help of family and friends, she managed to get some additional help and support from various organisations such as Gingerbread, Mind, and her church.

When she regained her self confidence, she decided to help others to become more confident and happier with themselves using her own life experiences and the training she undertook to become a life coach.
Since 2008, she has been using her life changing experiences and time to teach children and adult how to be more confident and happier in themselves.

She set up the confident children holiday project with the help and support of volunteers who she recruited and she then uses her own skills and life experiences to teach children how to be more confident, stand up to bullies and be good citizen.
She also set up a support group for local parents after she became a single parent herself and recognised that their were issues which single parents needed help and support with.

When she recovered from a period of depression and low self esteem, she set up the Happiness Project in Kent, and uses her own time and resources to run courses and provide support to help people to develop ways to cope with life challenges so that they can be happier. She organised the United Nations Happiness Day in Gravesend Town Centre where she managed to get various organisations to come out and do various fun activities such as doing a conga round the tow centre.

She helped rally people during the Olympics when she organised a street event, ran an event for children and was also a local organiser.
Genny also took her passion for helping people to be happier and more confident, when she entered Britain’s Got Talent in April 2012 dressed up as a character “ Confident Queen” and got even the judges to give her amazing comments and sing “ IF you are happy and you know it clap your hands!

Genny is amazing as she can be seen volunteering herself as various charitable events in the local area Gravesend where she is well known by the general public and the local council, newspapers and radio.


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