Happiness after divorce

A message from a friend of mine stating “would you please share with me ways to be happy? Thank you. I have divorced my husband and I want to manage my stress.” has prompted me to start my next E-Book and Speaking engagements on the theme “ Happiness after divorce.”. My previous E-Book was on the topic “ Divorced but not Devastated” in which I shared a bit about my divorce and the journey I went through.

The end of a marriage or any long-term relationship is one of the most emotional hurdles that you’ll ever have to face,

I believe that one of the keys to being happy after divorce is to allow yourself to Feel the pain. Like physical pain, being mindfully aware of emotional pain is crucial and will help you overcome the worst of it much faster. Allow yourself to sit with your feelings. Give yourself permission to let the grief and sadness wash over you. Sit with your pain and really feel it. In doing so, you release the power it has over you and in time you will feel like an eagle ready to soar to new heights.

Some of the keys to being happy after divorce:-

1. Give your self time to express the pain and anger you are going through

2. Before you go to bed each night, just imagine you and your children if you have any, enjoying a wonderful and joyful life.

3. Wake up in the morning look in the mirror and say “ Things are getting better for us and I am on my happiness journey.”

4. Talk to your children and let them also express their feelings and emotions. Spend quality time with your children and share hugs and laughter.

5. Try not to say negative things about your ex to your children and people in general. For me this was really difficult to do initially but with time it has become easier.

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