Confidence Charity song – Confident Queen and the Beat Project

Confidence Song

Sometimes when we have a vision but no money it is easy for us to get side track and loose hope; but today my friends I say to you do not give up, focus, keep going as the world of limitless possibility awaits you.

As a single parent with two young children, self employed and also run two charities which I set up; like so many other people, I have been faced with major financial and other personal challenges. Their have been times when I have felt like giving up on my passion of spreading “ The Gift of Confidence” to both children and adults, but I thank God that He has always made a way where their seems to be no way.

.At times I have been side tracked into doing other things just because I had to work j to pay the bills and make sure my children and I are ok. It has not been an easy journey, but thanks to the support of my family, church members, mentors, friends and neighbours things are getting better and better each day.

Appearing on Britain’s Got Talent this year was just amazing, especially getting such positive feedback from the judges. For me being on the show was a way of spreading my message – that no matter what you are going through you have to make time for some laughter and happiness in your life.

After the show I had an idea of releasing my confidence song to help raise funds for the three community projects I setup “ confident children, happiness project and single parent support group

Today, thanks to the Charity – The Beat Project, Steve, Dom, Catherine and my son Denzil we have now finished the demo of my confidence song. Our aim is to use the proceeds of the song to help raise much needed funds for the projects we both run.

Soon we will upload the demo and hope you will support with out fundraising, so that we can all contribute to making a difference to the next generation so that the legacy of Confidence and Happiness lives on.


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