Host a Gift of Confidence Party

Host a Gift of Confidence Party – With Confident Queen
Featured on Britain’s Got Talent and BBC Genius

Our Gift of Confidence party and our Gift of Confidence tool box will equip and empower you with tools to help you break through all barriers and fixed notions you have about yourself and life in general and move forward in life. It will help you improve on and raise those confidence levels just the way you want.

What is a Gift of Confidence party
A fun and unique way of getting a small group of people to discuss and learn how to be more confident and happier in life in a safe and friendly environment

Party will cover:
• Getting to know each other
• Take the Confidence Test
• Practical fun tips on how to build your confidence
• Making of your own Gift of Confidence Tool Box
• Learning the confidence song and dance routine
• Eat, Fancy Dress, Dance and have loads of fun and laughter!
• Dress up and perform in our confidence bamd!

Benefits of a Confidence Party
Share experiences within a small group
Instant feel good
Practical tips you can start using instantly
Fun and informative
Gift of Confidence tool box to take home

Length of party 2 hours mimimum

What we provide All the resources , music, mobile confidence store and much more

What you provide Venue Guests and Refreshments

What each person takes home with them
Gift of Confidence positive affirmation Box
Confidence song on MP3 ( this has to be purchased)

Costs – Please contact us for costs we know you can confidently afford

Every time someone tries to give a blow to your confidence, just think what David Brinkley said: “A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her”.


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