Sponsor my Gift of Confidence Book

Book Title: : Gift of Confidence by Confident Queen Genny


 To be produced through – Our Little Books

 Basic Subject Matter:

The Book is about my experiences of developing my confidence and self esteem to cope as a single parent. It contains simple tasks for the reader to complete as well as examples of practical ways to be more confident and tips to maintain everyday confidence!

 Sponsor £300 towards Gift of Confidence Book  ( Need to raise £3000)

  • Your details will be included in all publicity materials
  • Acknowledgment of your support in the book
  • Invitation to the launch of the Gift of Confidence Book
  • Free signed copy of the book by  Confident Queen
  • Links to our bogs about the book
  • Mention on our various social networking sites
  • You will receive a certificate of appreciation.
  • Inclusion in  credits on  our promotional video

 Target Market for book

Women over the aged of 30 who are trying to cope with being single with children,

 The aim of the book

  The aim of the book is to encourage women over the age of 30 to regain their self esteem and confidence when suddenly faced with being a single parent as a result of divorce, separation, illness, death, or distance.  The book shares some of my personal experiences of being divorced, made redundant and trapped in so much debt that I was threatened with repossession.  The book includes practical tasks for readers to complete and tips for a confident and happier future.

 Reasons why you would want to read this book  :-

 Learn from someone who has gone through personal challenges of being a single parent and is now helping others and be encouraged that you are not alone!

Get some practical tips and advise which you can readily apply in your everyday life so that you too can experience a life of limitless possibilities.

Discover how you to develop a positive attitude to life to attract good things t happen to you.

 Learn how to develop inner peace and happiness which will help you to attract positive things in your life

 Discover how to manage your finances better

 How I plan to use this book

  1. Training manual for my courses
  2. Bulk sale to women’s organizations
  3. Train women to deliver the contents of my book and  for them to become licenses to deliver the whole programme in their own areas
  4. Covert the Book to Audio, E-Book and use for online internet training etc!

 How I  Plan to market the book

  1. Organise a book launch  together with my annual Confidence event
  2. Promote through my local radio and press who I have a good relationship with
  3. Getting affiliates to sell the book for commission
  4. Newsletter and information to all the major women’s groups I am part of
  5. Promote through my network in Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In
  6. Offer book as prize at events
  7. Promote through various charities/organizations that help people who are single with children.
  8. Blogging about the book and getting testimonials












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