Why I am happy to have been part of BGT



I feel so privileged and honoured to be selected by the producers and judges of BGT and BGMT .It has been such a fantastic opportunity and the exposure it has given me has been beyond my wildest dreams.

DJ Talent ( Anthony Gosh)

I really must thank DJ Talent who really gave me the idea and inspiration in the first place to audition for the show.  He has been very encouraging and supportive all the way and I am truly grateful to him.

 Hugging and Smelling Simon Cowell

Meeting the judges and getting their feedback has been great  and thanks to David for given me the opportunity to meet, hug and smell Simon Cowell, this was just magical and is going to be one of those magic moments I will never forget in my life.  I also loved meeting Ant and Dec, Alesha and Amanda,

 Britain’s Got More Talent

I really loved being interviewed by Stephen Mulhern he is just so funny and  I do hope I get to work with him today as I really enjoyed our session together

 Awareness of my message of Hope, Confidence and Happiness

I am happy that I have been given massive exposure in all the media and this has helped to  raise awareness of my mission of spreading confidence and happiness.

 Positive Feedback from strangers

It is great to read some positive feedback and comments from complete strangers who enjoyed my performance. It such a privilege to make a difference in people’s lives, by bringing a smile to their face and  empowering them with the belief that “ All things are possible when you believe, try and never giving up!

 Negative feedback

I am also appreciative of those who did not like my performance, as it gave them the opportunity to express their views and allow me to realise that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that whatever we do in life not everyone is going to like it!

 Performing in Cardiff Millennium Centre

It has been a great experience auditioning and then for me performing in front f complete strangers inCardiffwho really made me feel great and happy.

 New Friends

During the audition I  went through all the stages on my own, but have been privilege to meet so many new people who are now friends and I hope we will keep in touch and perhaps organise an event to meet each other!

 The  Crewe

The BGT  and BGTMT Crewe  worked so hard to make us all aware of what was going on at all stages of the audition and I really appreciate all their hard work and also all the other people who work behind the scenes.

 The future

For me my mission continues and I am looking forward to soon getting sponsorship for  my Happiness Car which I will use to drive around and deliver SMILES and HAPPINESS to all I come across. I will also be running confidence courses for children and adults, as well as doing happiness parties and team building events.  The future is looking fantastic for me and I look forward to the limitless opportunities that are coming my way!



Be Confident…….. Be Positive………Be Expectant…….Be Happy…….


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