Simon Cowell says Yes to Confidence Queen

I am relieving the wonderful moments I had on Britain’s Got Talent 2012 Audition in Cardiff. I really loved the reaction from the growd and all the judges!

Simon Cowell: Occasionally I go slightly nuts because I am also going to say yes and I don’t know why.

David Walliams: You know, what you have brought here today is actually a spirit, a sense of hope, a sense of happiness and a sense of confidence.

Alesha Dixon: Genny you have lightened up my day, it’s a yes from me.

Some of the Words to the confident song
I try to sing, I try to dance, I try to make you have a laugh.
Confidence Queen, that’s who I am. Listen to me, listen to me.
Everybody listen to me. Every day just be confident.
When you wake up in the morning feel confident.
When you’re on Britain’s Got Talent feel confident.
If Simon says ‘no’ feel confident.
Feel confident, feel confident, every day feel confident.
Jump, jump, jump.


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