You are a lioness – Be strong and regain your strength

Over the last few month’s I have been inspired by a very wonderful lady Jackie Lloyd from City Praise centre and the amaze women events. I was blessed to meet her one day when I felt low and just needed someone to talk to. I really admired the warmth, love, advise and support she gave to me. It was so refreshing, and though when I went to her I felt weak and vulnerable, by the end of our discussion I felt strong and energised. I left with her words “remember you are a lioness”.

I just woke up this morning remembering her words “ you are a lioness” and came across this article below which I am sharing with you!

With the lioness energy within you, you will become a great provider, able to go out into the world, successfully meet the challenges of life and bring home the bounty for yourself and your loved ones. There is no need to worry about whether you will succeed, for you are the lioness.

The lioness will bring you the gift of perfect timing. She will teach you when to lie low and blend with the surroundings and when to leap out and go after what you desire. Your intuitive side will strengthen as you develop the skill of sensing what is around you and knowing exactly when to make your move.

The lioness is also very strong physically, fast and agile. Breathe in deeply and feel her power within you, healing you and bringing you physical strength.

And once home, let her teach you to relax completely, enjoying the company of others, nuzzling and purring as you build a community of safety and abundance. How blessed you are to be the lioness!

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Abundance and power are yours, for you are the lioness

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