How to make your Gift of Confidence Box

Gift Box
You can use any empty box you have and decorate it yourself
You can buy a ready made gift box

Self – Confidence Tips
Write the following tips on a piece of bright coloured paper and then fold and put it in your box. You can add other tips you may have.

Believe in yourself first and foremost
Invest in a small mirror and remind yourself that you are unique
Read motivational books and quotes
Be grateful for what you have
Give someone the gift of a smile or an encouraging word
Exercise and energise and trigger your happy hormones
Walk faster and put a spring in your step
Look upwards and outwards

Confident Affirmation by Confidence Queen Genny
Spend some time to think and write down in a positive sentence all the things you feel you will be able to do if you were more confident e.g.

When I wake up in the morning I feel confident
When I look in the mirror I feel Confident
When I speak in public I feel confident

Get your confidence books and tapes

Get some Personalised “Be Confident” gifts and T-shirts
Make up your own fun song and dance “Be Confident”

Sign up for my free email confidence course –

Remember to put your box in a place that you can see each day, you could also make one for someone else you know.

I welcome any suggestions and comments you may have!

Be Confident, Be Happy, Stay Positive and keep smilling!


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